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CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT <br />PARAMEDICS PROGRAM <br /> <br /> Councilman Nielsen suggested that the Redondo Beach News- <br />letter print an article on the concept of the new Paramedics <br />Program, to make the people in the community aware of this new <br />service. <br /> <br />vt 8-16-71 <br /> <br />MAYOR <br /> <br />BALLET & FENCING ACADEMY <br /> <br /> MaYor Czuleger presented a letter dated August 9, 1971, <br />from Central Enterprises, enclosing an application for a proposed <br />Ballet and Fencing Academy, to be located at 112 North Catalina <br />Avenue, to open sometime in September. The Mayor referred a <br />copy of the letter to the City Manager for investigation. <br /> <br />vt 8-16-71 <br /> <br />INTERNATIONAL SURF FESTIVAL <br /> <br /> The Mayor presented a letter dated August 11, 1971, from <br />Dwight Crum, General Chairman of the International Surf Festival <br />expressing appreciation on behalf of the Australian Surf Life <br />Saving Team, for the dinner party hosted by the City of Redondo <br />Beach and the Chamber of Commerce of Redondo Beach. <br /> <br />vt 8-16-71 <br /> <br />SISTER CITY AWARDS <br /> <br /> Mayor Czuleger presented the President's Trophy for Outstand- <br />ing Achievement, received at the UA/Mexico Sister City Association <br />luncheon last Saturday. He stated that the award was presented to <br />Redondo Beach, Ensenada and La Paz for the Sister Cities Program <br />during 1971, that best exemplified the spirit and goals of the <br />Sister City Program in the cause of international friendship, <br />peace and understanding. <br /> <br /> Councilman Westerfield requested that a letter of commenda- <br />tion be directed to the local Sister City Committee for this <br />program. <br /> <br />vt 8-16-71 <br /> <br />-25- <br /> <br /> <br />