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! <br /> <br /> 4 <br /> <br /> 6 <br /> <br /> 7 <br /> <br /> 8 <br /> <br /> 9 <br /> <br />10 <br /> <br />11 <br /> <br />12 <br /> <br />13 <br /> <br />14 <br /> <br />15 <br /> <br />16 <br /> <br />17 <br /> <br />18 <br /> <br />~"19 <br /> <br />2O <br /> <br />21 <br /> <br />22 <br /> <br />23 <br /> <br />24 <br /> <br />25 <br /> <br />26 <br /> <br />27 <br /> <br />28 <br /> <br />29 <br /> <br />3O <br /> <br />~2 <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 18OO <br /> <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CIT~ COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF REDO~DO BEACH, CALIFORNIA, CANVASSING THE <br />RESULTS OF THE VOTES CAST AT THE SPECIAL MU- <br />NICIPAL ELECTION HELD ON THE 4th DAY OF JAN- <br />UARY, 1949. <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, a Special Municipal Election was held and conducted <br />in the City of Redondo Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of Cal- <br />ifornia, on Tuesday, the 4th day of January, 1949, under, and pur- <br />suant to the requirements of the laws of the State of California, <br />relating to cities of the Sixth Class; and in accordance with the <br />provisions of the charter of the City of Redondo Beach and the <br />Constitution of said State; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS; it appears that notice of said election was duly <br />and legally given; that there were nineteen voting precincts with- <br />in the said city, consisting of a consolidation of,the regular <br />election precincts established by the Board of Supervisors of Los <br />Angeles County, California~ for the holding of general, state or <br />county elections, all as hereinafter set forth; that election <br />officers were appointed and election supplies furnished; and that <br />in all respects said election was held and conducted and the votes <br />cast thereat received and canvassed and the returns thereof made <br />and declared in time, form and manner as required by the General <br />Laws of the State of California governing elections in cities of <br />the Sixth Class; and in accordance with the provisions of the <br />charter of the City of Redondo Beach and the Constitution of said <br />State; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS; the City Council of the said City of Redondo Beach <br /> met at the Council Chamber of the said Council in the City Hall of <br /> said city on Monday, the lOth day of January, 1949, as provided by <br /> <br /> <br />