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PRESENTATIONS, AWARDS, COMMENDATIONS - <br />ADOPTED RESOLUTION NO. 6252 RECOGNIZING <br />GOODYEAR AIRSHIP COLUMBIA AS OFFICIAL <br />BIRD OF REDONDO BEACH; PLAQUE PRESENTED <br />TO GOODYEAR AIRSHIP OPERATIONS; PLAQUE <br />PRESENTED TO CITY COUNCIL ON BEHALF OF <br />GOODYEAR; COPY OF RESOLUTION PRESENTED <br />TO CHAMBER OF COmmERCE; PLAQUE PRESENTED <br />BY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TO GOODYEAR; PLAQUE <br />PRESENTED BY GOODYEAR TO CHAMBER OF COERCE <br /> <br />110-2 <br />R 6252 <br /> <br /> Mayor Doerr recommended adoption of Resolution No. 6252, a <br />resolution of the Council of the City of Redondo Beach, recognizing <br />the Goodyear Airship Columbia, the Blimp, as the "Official Bird of <br />Redondo Beach." <br /> <br /> It was moved by Councilman Cawdrey and seconded by Councilman <br />Snow' that the above resolution be adopted. The motion carried by <br />the following vote: <br /> <br />AYES: <br /> <br />NOES: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Goddard, Amys, Martin, <br />Snow, Cawdrey; <br />None; <br />None. <br /> <br />dvs 12/12/83 <br /> <br /> Mayor Doerr read the resolution in full. She thanked Bob <br />Urhausen of Goodyear Airship OperatioNs for Goodyear's help in <br />establishing the Airship Columbia as the official bird of Redondo <br />Beach and presented a plaque to him. <br /> <br /> Bob Urhausen and Joel Chamberlain of Goodyear Airship Opera- <br />tions thanked the City for choosing the Goodyear Airship Columbia <br />as the official bird of Redondo Beach and presented a plaque to the <br />City Council on behalf of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and <br />the Airship Columbia. <br /> <br /> Mayor Doerr thanked the Chamber of Commerce for their efforts <br />in this matter and presented a copy of Resolution No. 6252 to <br />Randy Kimose, President of the Chamber. <br /> <br /> Randy Kimose presented a plaque to Bob Urhausen and Joel <br />Chamberlain recognizing the Goodyear Corporations for their <br />assistance in this matter. <br /> <br /> Bob Urhausen presented a plaque to Randy Kimose for the <br />Chamber of Commerce's initiation of this matter, <br /> <br />CHANGE IN ORDER OF AGENDA <br />TO VIEW VIDEO SHOWING REDONDO <br />BEACH SITES FOR OLYMPIC TOURISTS <br /> <br /> Randy Kimose requested Council's permission to show a video <br />on the attractions and sites of Redondo Beach, which is geared <br />toward tourists who will be visiting southern California next <br />summer due to the Olympics. He introduced Chris Brown, amember <br />of the Chamberof Commerce's Tourism Task Force, who was engaged <br />through his business, Future Focus Video Productions, to produce <br />a video for the above task force. Mr. Kimose stated that this <br />video will be distributed nationwide and worldwide in the Olympic <br />year and in later years to aid in bringing tourists into Redondo <br />Beach. <br /> <br /> Mayor Doerr asked for a motion from the City Council to <br />change the order of the agenda to include a viewing of the video. <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />