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<br />"" <br />é: <br /> <br />~ redondo <br />............... B E A C H <br /> <br />Recreation and Community Services <br />Memorandum <br /> <br />Date: <br /> <br />October 7,2004 <br /> <br />From: <br /> <br />. ..".-- <br /> <br />Members of the youth Commission <br />11 // <br />Dave BaEfr( Recreation Services Manager <br /> <br />AFTER SCHOOL PLAYGROUND ST A TISTICS/REPORT <br /> <br />To: <br /> <br />Subject: <br /> <br />Total registrations: <br /> <br />341 <br /> <br />Total fee waivers <br /> <br />58 <br /> <br />Total paid registrations: <br /> <br />283 <br /> <br />Total revenue: <br /> <br />$60,100 <br /> <br />Comments: <br /> <br />Recreation Services Manager canvassed all school districtprincipals.- -All principals were <br />experiencing reduced problems with unattended children after school. They also felt that the <br />after school program was successful. Fee waivers increased due to distribution of free and <br />reduced lunch eligibility letters. Parents are now commencing to pay for the second 20-day <br />session. <br /> <br />. <br />l- <br />I <br /> <br />t <br />.1 <br />