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<br />/, <br /> <br />',0 <br /> <br />=IIL- redondo <br />~BEACH <br /> <br />Recreation and Community Services <br />Memorandum <br /> <br />Date: <br /> <br />October 7, 2004 <br /> <br />To: <br /> <br />Members of the Youth Commission <br /> <br />From: <br /> <br />Dave Bacon, Youth Commission Liaison <br /> <br />Subject: <br /> <br />ATTENDANCE AT YOUTH COMMISSION MEETINGS <br /> <br />Please be aware that absences from Youth Commission meetings must be excused. According <br />to Chapter 9 of the Redondo Beach Municipal Code, "In the event that any member of any <br />board or commission shall be absent from the regular meetings of such board or commission for <br />a period of sixty (60) days consecutively following the last regular meeting attended by such <br />member, unless by permission of the City Council expressed in its official minutes..... .his (her) <br />office shall become vacant" <br /> <br />If you are not able to attend a Youth Commission meeting please inform me by letter or phone <br />(372-1171 x 3369) prior to the meeting. In the event of an emergency, in which prior notification <br />is not possible, a written ~quest for an excused absence will be necessary. As noted above, a <br />commission position becòmes vacant when two unexcused, consecutive absences occur. <br /> <br />t <br />