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received after the agenda has been published will be added as supplemental materials under <br /> the relevant agenda item. Written comments may be sent to <br /> no later than 3:00 PM the day of the meeting to allow time for distribution to the Planning <br /> Commission as a blue folder item. <br /> REGULAR MEETING OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION - 6:30 PM <br /> A. CALL TO ORDER <br /> B. ROLL CALL <br /> C. SALUTE TO THE FLAG <br /> D. APPROVE ORDER OF AGENDA <br /> E. BLUE FOLDER ITEMS -ADDITIONAL BACK UP MATERIALS <br /> Blue folder items are additional back up material to administrative reports and/or public comments received after <br /> the printing and distribution of the agenda packet for receive and file. <br /> E.1. RECEIVE AND FILEBLUE FOLDER ITEMS - Placeholder for materials received after <br /> release of the agenda <br /> F. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> Business items, except those formally noticed for public hearing, or those pulled for discussion are assigned to <br /> the Consent Calendar. The Commission Members may request that any Consent Calendar item(s) be removed, <br /> discussed, and acted upon separately. Items removed from the Consent Calendar will be taken up under the <br /> "Excluded Consent Calendar"section below. Those items remaining on the Consent Calendar will be approved in <br /> one motion. The Chair will call on anyone wishing to address the Commission on any Consent Calendar item on <br /> the agenda, which has not been pulled by the Commission for discussion. Each speaker will be permitted to <br /> speak only once and comments will be limited to a total of three minutes. <br /> F.1. APPROVE AFFIDAVIT OF POSTING FOR THE PLANNING COMMISSION REGULAR <br /> MEETING O PT M 15 2022 <br /> F.2. APPROVE MINUTES OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION REGULAR MEETING O <br /> AUGUST ST 13, 2022 <br /> F.3. RECEIVE AND FILE PLANNING COMMISSION PALS TO STAFF UPDATE <br /> FOR SEPTEMBER15 2022 <br /> G. EXCLUDED CONSENT CALENDAR ITEMS <br /> H. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS <br /> This section is intended to provide members of the public with the opportunity to comment on any subject that <br /> does not appear on this agenda for action. This section is limited to 30 minutes. Each speaker will be afforded <br /> three minutes to address the Commission. Each speaker will be permitted to speak only once. Written requests, <br /> if any, will be considered first under this section. <br /> H.1. RECEIVE AND FILE PUBLIC WRITTEN COMMENTS OO -AG A ITEMS <br /> I. EX PARTE COMMUNICATION <br /> This section is intended to allow all officials the opportunity to reveal any disclosure or ex parte communication <br /> about the following public hearings. <br /> J. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> 2 <br />